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Track Pictures

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Along with my love for taking pictures, I also enjoy to run on my schools track team. Being the only person on the team that really enjoys photography, I was pegged last year as the teams unofficial photographer, who gave the pictures I took to a senior on yearbook staff. I remember at Regionals last season my coach asked me to go take pictures of our teams runners as they came across the finish line for a few races. When I was walking over though I realized a lot of professionals had already claimed their spot, taking pictures for the newspapers. As I squeezed in between these people, I could not help but feeling so intimidated. These photographers had the heavy-duty cameras, with lens almost 2 feet long, no exaggeration. I thought they were going to be rude, telling me to move, but they were surprisingly helpful. They showed me a few pointers, like how to steady my camera better, and how to focus better on faster objects, like my teams sprinters I was trying to capture. I ended up getting the best pictures I had taken all season. I hope one day to be one of those photographers, giving advice to other people.

This is a picture I took at the meet of a sprinter on my team stretching for the finish  line
This is a picture I took at the meet of a sprinter on my team stretching for the finish line


Shaking My Head at Tumblr

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We have all seen them before. The pictures you just stare at and ask, “What is the point again?” I see them all the time on a popular blogging site named Tumblr. Although you may have seem them elsewhere, these are ten pictures where I actually turned my head to the side and asked, “Really?”.





I don’t even understand this picture. You feel alone, so you think writing it on your hand with a marker will solve the problem?


As much as I enjoy music, I’m sure life would still be joyous.

what 1

No, I am not a sad song, I am a person.

what 2

You need me so much closer? This a picture of a wave crashing on a rock. How does this relate to me again?

what 3

Yes…good job. You can acknowledge a tree was once there, congrats.

what 4

what 5

You felt the need to write it on your palm? I thought you sighed with your mouth…

what 6

On a paint color sample? Could you not find any normal paper?

Photoshop Can Be Good!

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When people hear the word photoshop it has a negative sound to it. People connect it to magazines that usually redo a woman’s body. It can be connected with media trying to trick readers by changing a picture taken with a celebrity. Not all photoshop is bad though. Photoshop can change pictures for the better, improving them and making them brighter or sharper. The first link shows how Adobe Photoshop software is taking over and the second shows you what certain photoshop effects can do to your photo. 

Your Shot

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Your Shot

Thanks to National Geographic, this awesome link is one that I visit on the daily. Your Shot is a section of National Geographic where people can put up pictures and try to complete the “assignment” that the editors put up. This site is awesome for a photographer trying to get discovered.


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As much as I love this fall weather, it is sad leaving summer and all the warm weather behind. In remembrance of the beautiful summer weather, here is a picture of fun with sparklers.

Lovin’ Fall

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Lovin' Fall

Aren’t we all loving this fall weather? I sure am, fall is the prettiest time for pictures! Here is one of my good friends, sitting outside and enjoying that crisp fall breeze. She swears she isn’t photogenic; I beg to differ with this awesome smile she has on in this shot.

On Top of the World…or Piano

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On Top of the World...or Piano

Parachute is easily one of my favorite bands of all time. This picture was taken at the first concert I ever went to and the concert where I actually got the best pictures. Got to love general admission. Will Anderson, the lead singer, is currently standing on top of a piano. Can you say awesome?!